Tubing and Kayaking the Black River, Wisconsin

We have been spending too much time around the RV lately, we are both busy cultivating our respective hobbies and have taken little time to explore our new found Summer Resting Place at Lost Falls Campground in Wisconsin.

Finally the heat wave broke a bit, ( we have been having heat temps in the 100 degree range for over two weeks), and we took the day to check out the beautiful river in our backyard.

First I had to find a new appropriate bathing suit, which was a challenge in itself, (I prefer support and as much coverage as humanly possible), and tons of Sun Screen, (I am allergic to the sun), then we hit the water for a day of relaxing and clam shell picking.

The river was exceptionally low with the drought we are facing here, but it was still great fun with no risk of drowning or flipping in the current...

I chose an inner tube for my craft and Doyle had to have a kayak, this really worked out because I just tied my tube to his rig and he towed me down the river as we went, (this Gal IS smart!).

We found plenty of beautiful shells for Doyle to carve and many places to stop and take pictures of the local scenery. Most people aren't aware that Wisconsin rivers are full of the most beautiful large freshwater clams and at one time was the center of clam harvesting for the nations buttons.

We only collect "dead" shell, (clams that have died and been pre cleaned by river otters and raccoons).

We were especially pleased to find this wonderful crisp, clear spring with ice cold water to wade in!

We were mostly alone on the river other than one family of tubers who passed us by, the river is too low for most watercraft this year but all in all it was a great time and we plan on going out tomorrow with two kayaks and take the long ten mile run.

We still have a week or so left of our five week vacation, then it's back to work almost every weekend until November. Looking forward to getting back to work, but hate to leave our New Summer home that has been so good to us!


Jill Blevins said...

I went kayaking for the first time when we were up in Minnesota visiting a friend. I had NO idea how much fun it would be. My fear was that I would tip over but they aren't as tippy as a canoe.

Seeing you pictures made me go ahhhhh. We were driving west today so we were a tad warm by the time we got to our destination.

Sounds like you guys are really enjoying your break!

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