Rolling On The River-Lazy Day

After a busy Event, I like to stroll around and take pictures of the undisturbed wilderness that often graces the area around us to remind myself to do more than just set up, work in the kitchen, tear down and move on.

I took a stroll down the banks of the Black River here in Wisconsin and was amazed at just how beautiful and quiet this area really is.

Most people think of Beer and Dairy Farms when considering this state, few think of the vast forests that cover most of the state.

If you do travel through Wisconsin, be sure to get off the interstate and travel her excellent secondary roads, you wont be disappointed!

We are tore down and have an Event in Cannon Falls, Mn at the end of the week, but we are finding it very difficult to tear ourselves away from this lovely place.

All the birds are in full mating splendor and fill the air with their songs of love and hope to the point of being obnoxious, if there is such a thing!

 I have been busy hand sewing a few new elk hide dresses and Doyle has been making copper beads in the short time we have before we roll out of here, we always manage to squeeze a few minutes in for our own personal enjoyment as we can!

It was really a shock to me to find out at this last Event how many people are living in the past and can't quite move on. I guess that's OK for them, but our life is always new and ever evolving so I just don't get it.

I was a bit surprised to sit down with a friend and find out the only things she wanted to talk about was things that happened more than six years ago! It seems like a lifetime ago that Doyle and I met and things have changed so much it's almost like she was talking about someone else!

I guess for some people things never change and they are always looking backwards to the "Glory Days" while I am always waking up looking forward to the new adventure each day brings.

I can't imagine being in a life where time never really moves forward and that the past holds more attraction than the present. Sure, I had kids and worked a regular corporate job and lived in a house I rebuilt myself but that was long ago, and though enjoyable, I have moved on to a new life full of new surprises and adventure.

It is a bit disconcerting to find someone who still wants to query me about the past and ask me how I felt about it. Who Cares? Since that time I have given up everything I held important then and have almost lost my own life and the life of my husband. We have traveled tens of thousands of miles and met countless people and had many experiences good and bad. How the heck would I know how I felt then when I'm a completely different person now?

It doesn't matter what happened then, other than I must have learned something from it or I wouldn't still be here today. That's all I need to hang my hat on and I feel sorry for someone who still thinks what happened six years ago is relevant.

Living on the road, you really can leave the past behind. Hopefully one takes ones life lessons seriously and doesn't revisit the mistakes of yesteryear, but in general, living on the road is about what's in front of you out the windshield and not what is in the rear view mirror.

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