Ode To my Old Camera

Mom and Her Dog "Elvis" in 1954, Note the Snow Banks
My Mother started taking pictures when she was just a Teenager, she saved up her money working at the Mineral Center Border Crossing in Minnesota to buy a Brownie Camera.

She took hundreds of pictures as a child and thousands more as we grew up. We had Kodak's, Polaroids, and even a Bell and Howe wind up movie camera.

She was an original Scrap Booker,  she kept ever ticket stub, napkin, book of matches program and ticket of our many wonderful journeys.

She was also a marvelous painter, her scenery oil paintings grace the walls of many North Shore Businesses that would compete to have her work.

Mom's Camera Model
She instilled me with her love of photography, getting my first Kodak Pocket Camera when I was 8 years old. We didn't have photo developing services in the North Land, so I would put my film in a prepaid envelope and send it out to Duluth, getting my prints was equivalent to having Christmas year round!

My Dad also dabbled in Photography, he even had a dark room in the basement which I spent long hours helping him develop rolls of film.

Fast Forward 40 years and it's time to mark another milestone in my photography career, I have finally retired my Sony Digital Camera of 11 years.

This Camera has been to Sturgis on the back of a Harley, captured all of my Kids Graduations, and taken literally thousands of photos. Thousands. That's a lot of pictures.

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When I bought her she was state of the art 5.1 MEGA pixels, (which is odd, are there such things a JUMBO pixels?), and cost a hefty $500.00. I sure got my money out of her though, even to the point where when the buttons wore out I had to use a system of jiggling and wiggling the knobs to get her to take any pictures at all.

Her digital display screen was loosing pixels and she just wouldn't focus reliably anymore, she also stubbornly insisted on casting a yellow hue to every picture, or worse yet a ghastly blue cast.

Reluctantly, it was time to let her go....not that I'll be trashing her, my Husband needs a good snap shot camera, he's really not into taking many pictures of importance, generally he uses his Phone Camera, which is odd because he doesn't have a clue how to get them off of it, he has to have me do it!. It's weird to know his Phone Camera has more pixels and better images than my old reliable! But it will serve him well for what he needs.

Indignant Crane
So, here's some shots with the new camera, a Canon G12. I chose it because of its reliability and it's ability to let you have some manual control over picture taking but has a great auto setting too. It is also fully Mac compatible, something my Sony never was.

I'm fairly impressed but was a bit stupified by the ability to just set it on AUTO, Point and Shoot. No mucking about, no wiggling buttons...it was kind of a letdown after years of fidgeting to get a descent picture, this camera just turns on, you point it and push the button. Wow.

I am going to be spoiled. No yellow cast, no deathly blue hues to correct...and TWICE the Pixels, (even if they aren't MEGA pixels, I can live with that).

So, Yours Truly will be posting more often now because I finally have a camera that will DO THE JOB without giving me a sick headache.

I ran around the RV Resort this morning snapping this and that, most of the shots were zoomed and I didn't use any kind of stabilization. I also just used AUTO mode, just to see if it could handle it.

I have made a few short videos, will have to post a few once I get the feel for it, still prefer my Sony HDR SR-11, which is still one heck of a digital video camera and will be for some time!

Shadow test...GOOD

Shooting into the sun...GOOD!
I don't generally post video to my blog because many people on the road do not have the bandwidth to waste on watching video, instead, I try to say it all with photos, as my Mom did, Bless Her Heart.

Hope you all are doing well and will be posting more often now that I have a reliable way to document our lives.

We will be heading North next instead of this week we decided to wait out the huge storms that are rolling through the Mid West this weekend, our prayers are with those Good Folks and all who chose to travel this week.

Take Care and hope to see you all down the road, sure is quiet here at the Park, just about everyone has left for the Season!

You can tell we've been in one place too long....clutter everywhere!


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