Found a Crafting Lap Table for RV or Truck!

Here's a nifty little item I found at Michaels Crafts, it's supposed to be a child's lap table, but I took one look at it and thought, this is what an RV Crafter Needs!

It's lightweight, fits between the arms of an average chair or the seats in your truck!

It is durable and flexible, easy to clean.

Has pockets on either side for your crafting goods.

It also has an unbeatable price of $6.00 at Micheal's, but if you don't want to make a special trip, (gas being what it is these days), I am providing a link to the Amazon site below.

The reason they are so much more expensive is that to have them individually shipped is so much more expensive.

They might be at other department stores, have a look around at "W" world and see if they have them.

 It's also perfect for crafting while going down the road, I always have some lap craft going, or my lap top open, this is the perfect solution for eating, computing and crafting on the road!


Donna K said...

Good idea...thanks for sharing.

Debbie Buskirk said...

Trying to decide if I could use this. Great idea! I'm a knitter/crocheter, which I do while traveling. Do I need a table? I DO need the pockets. Thanks for the possibility.

Ryan at Travel and Graphs said...

Very cool device there! I can already think of a dozen uses for this in addition to crafts.

emailrobertcena said...

Thanks for sharing this device. Really, it is awesome and cool device.
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