Day 1 Migrating North From Florida To Wisconsin

Wild Flowers in the ditch
 Well, we are on the road again, after a long rest in Northern Florida, Our goal today is to make it to Chattahoochee KOA.

We have been on the road a few hours enjoying the Spring Flowers that are everywhere but we are bucking a heck of a headwind today so our mileage is dismal and it's kinda creepy the way the rig sorta sways. 

I have to admit though, our old Fiver was darn scary in a wind, so this is much nicer, (if there is such a thing).

Oh My Gosh, Who's place is this? It's so clean!(Stuff on counter goes in Truck)
I spent the morning deep cleaning the rig, a habit I gained a long ago and have been glad for it ever since. I simply will not move the rig until the place is spotless. This way when we set up, all I have to do is sit back and enjoy.

I started doing this because I had an unnamed fear of dirt building up under the slide as it moved in and out, causing problems eventually, (I don't know what, maybe binding? or grinding to a halt because of some cat toy or bead I left rolling around), so I started vacuuming rigorously every time we moved before we put the slide in.

Everything Packed up and stowed for the Big Move!
It has worked wonderfully for me because I really do look forward to stopping for the night to a clean house, clean sheets, clean dishes...the list goes on and on, but it is one nice way to make your life on the road a little sweeter.

Then we move to Doyle's end of the trailer and see that he has acquired a new toy. Thankfully we had a lot of room this year on the way back, or this would have been left behind.

There's a great story behind our new Yacht, you see, we were on the beach and Doyle came running up to me towing this barnacle and seaweed covered Dingy behind him, with this Little Boy Look on his face that clearly said, "Look what followed me home, can I keep it?" I was dubious at best about the prospect, we were three miles up the shore and there wasn't much to recommend this craft, it was "Seaworthy" but where I come from, (Lake Superior), this wouldn't qualify as a life vest.
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 So, to make a long story short and save you the debate that followed in somewhat heated terms, we lugged the boat up the shore and over the dunes to our truck and then Doyle spent a day or two cleaning it up.

I did some research on this boat and it turns out it's quite the sailing craft, it can be neatly rigged to run sail and the site has pictures of people actually skipping across the waves in one of these. Yeah, right.

I noticed most of the "Sailors" were kids and that the small bay they were in had a breeze that just rippled the surface. I myself I think would rather take the peril of survival swimming for shore than put my faith in this craft in a pinch...

But, it amuses Doyle and he thinks it will be nice for trolling the small rivers around the area we are planning to stay in this year in Wisconsin, and I agree, it would be good for that, and if all else fails we can always fill it with dirt and plant flowers in it.
More Wildflower pictures to take your mind off the vision of our inevitable drowning...


Jill Blevins said...

I'm very much enjoying your blog. My husband and I are in the final stages of preparation and will hit the road in less than a month. So excited.

Loved the wildflower pictures!

Maybe we'll see you on the road one day.

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