Shell We Talk? Fun Goofing Off at The RV Park...

Our Lot
Here's where we have been hiding out most of the Winter when we haven't been at Events, it's Scrufty's Riverwood Park in Georgetown Florida.

We've been here three years now and we still end up here even after checking out many other places. It's within an hour of the Atlantic, (St. Augustine) and right up against the  Ocala National Forest and other places we have an interest in.

The Dock on The Bay....
This is a quiet, out of the way place we simply adore with a backwoods feeling and just plain Good Folks.

It's not most RVer's Cup O' Tea since stores and services are minimal, but it gives us a chance to sit back and forget about the road for a while.

Herself making calls, All I can hear is the SEA!
Here is a Gag ad I made about Cell Service here, you can forget about making calls, but the wifi more than makes up for it!
Conch Shell Pendant
 In our spare time we have been making goodies out of our shells and putting them on our Etsy store.

I'm not going to go on about it too much here, this is not the place I want to talk about business, but if this stuff appeals to you I wouldn't mind you checking it out...

Here is a Conch shell pendant I beaded up for the shop, I just love working with natural materials and making something different!

As I said, this isn't where I want to sell stuff, but I thought you should see what incredibly talented people we are, (If we must say so ourselves!)

These projects won't make us rich, but it gives us something to do and a way to get rid of the totes full of shells we've been hoarding on board!

Necklace made form Doyle's Be

Doyle has his own things going on, besides making Conch shell pendants he's making all these beads I string up into nice little necklaces, if your interested in how he does this, I just wrote and article on our "Earth Goods 4 the Spirit" Site, which is for showcasing our projects and how we made them.

I haven't published the posts yet, they should be out in the next couple of days, (you women are going to hate me for giving your husbands new ideas to make a mess!).

The Cat is in hiding and does not wish to be disturbed... she is getting old now and it's a task in itself just trying to find her, she comes out for food and her daily scratches, then it's off to some nest for the day in a closet or in the bedroom loft.

She's been rather reclusive since we got the kitten we rescued last year, who isn't feeling photogenic today so I think I'll just leave her picture out...

Any way... thanks for all your support over my last post about dropping the fiver on the truck, I feel so much better about it, I guess confession is good for the soul!

You'll never know how much it means to me to have the truly serious Full Timer, and Future Full Timers pulling for us, only you Folks really understand what we go through day to day.

It's been a bit sad this week watching everyone pull out and head North, we will be leaving in a couple weeks, dragging our feet as long as we can before facing the traffic, headaches and inevitable adventure of migrating North.

I'm sure we will get into the "mode" and get excited about it soon, but I think I'll make an ice tea and sit out under the awning for a bit, then fire up the barbeque for some great gluten and MSG sausages we found that are out of this world!

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