The Gift of Coincidence, Strange Connections Made

The Queen Herself with a NEW NECKLACE!
I am so blessed to have a great assortment of vintage seed beads, I bought a tote full of them more than 15 years ago from a good friend that was selling out her shop to live Full Time on the Road. 

I hadn't thought about this until I started working with the beads just this week.

At the time I bought the beads, I was still a highly successful Full Time Graphic Designer at a large publication firm in the Midwest.

There was no thought in my mind at that time of ever leaving my chosen occupation and traveling down life's highway and I remember being curious about the Lady's intentions of giving it all up and just traveling. I couldn't conceive of it and thought the Lady was a bit crazy to give up her home and supposed security to do so.

Bad Boy beaded Pendant
Funny how things have a way of catching up with you, as I worked on this "Dark Pendant" last night, suddenly that occasion came flooding back into my mind and I had to chuckle at myself.

There we stood in the driveway filled with this Woman's last possessions being sold off a piece at a time, including her small garage shop Bead Business.

Her motor home was in the process of being fitted out for adventure. She told me her husband had been recently ill and she was going to take him on the road to see those places he always wanted to go but never had time to before his illness.

I marveled at her commitment to her Spouses happiness and her bravery to just pull up and go regardless of the personal risk. I never thought I would do the same, and yet, here I am! 

Now our lives seem eerily parallel, the same thing happening to me that happened to her, my husband too became very ill, just when we thought everything was stable and would remain so through retirement. His illness changed everything and suddenly we didn't give a rip about security and possessions.
At the time, her situation never came to mind but unconsciously I chose to walk her path and become what she became. I have lost track of her through the years and I wonder if she is still traveling with her husband and enjoying the things they discover together. I hope she is. Maybe she'll even read this a seek me out, who knows? Stranger things have happened!

Another strange coincidence is the necklace I am wearing in the photo, I had been wanting an amber necklace for some time and had been watching various auctions and shops. Amber is supposed to be good for arthritis and has a calming beneficial effect to the wearer, (if you believe in that sort of thing), when Doyle came strolling into the RV and dumped a bag full of amber beads on the table in front of me!

Seems he had grabbed a few totes of some personal stuff form storage before we left and had just got to sorting it out, he had forgotten he had some old beads in there and thought I might like to use them for one of my necklace projects. Forgot Them! He has more nice stuff hidden in corners than I have ever owned in my life!
No way is this necklace I strung up going up for sale, they are the loveliest set I have ever seen and was more than I could have afforded to purchased on the net. He didn't know I was looking for amber beads so this is just another example of things coming to you when you need them!

Many Shell Tops, so Little Time!

This isn't kismet our anything, just a reminder that if you ask for something, you better be ready to get it! I asked Doyle if he could make me some shell top pendants from some of his rougher stock, as you can see he made me a huge heap on them! There is enough there to fill my beading requirements for several years I think! What a Guy!

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jess said...

I just saw that you were following my blog (thanks!) and saw your little bio and immediately had to check out your blog - traveling the country learning and teaching history like pretty much the coolest thing ever - and I like your etsy shop :)

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