Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Two Dinosaurs Meet Another at Chicago Field History Museum

Obligatory Skyline photos through the windshield
Having never been to the Windy City, we were more than apprehensive about driving our one ton dually there, having been scared straight by so many horror stories told us by others, especially when we were driving right into the heart of the city to the shore of Lake Michigan to the Chicago Field History Museum.

We charted a course and plunged right into morning traffic on I-55 to Lakeshore Drive and were pleasantly surprised to find it no more intimidating than Minneapolis/St. Paul or even Orlando, Florida.

We had an appointment with the Staff at the museum to view a 150 year old dress I had been studying for the past ten years. 

Had a nice visit with "Sue"
I must say I was pleasantly surprised at our reception,
 we were treated very well and were given the "Keys to the City" after our inspection was completed.

Don't let anyone tell you "City Folk" are cold and rude, we had the greatest time and everyone was exceptionally polite and helpful to us "Back Woods Types".

Examining the Garment in Question
If you ever have time to visit the museum, by all means, do so! They have an incredible exhibit of Pre Contact Early American Art and Culture. We almost regret not having a couple days or more to see everything!
Many surprise finds...

Doyle is amazed at the level of care the garment is given
I think the best part of it was not only being granted access to the item we needed more information on, but the level of care and consideration the items they have in their collection are given.

No expense has been spared in keeping these items in the condition they were collected at, as well as some really incredible restorations done on precious items that have seen better days.

The garment I was studying was in such good shape, it was hard to tell how old it was, it looked as if it had been sewn the day before we got there!

I now have the information I need and many days will be spent going over the pictures and film of the day, I have many patterns and diagrams to chart out before forget details that are still fresh in my mind now.

At any rate, our visit to Chicago was a pleasant one and we look forward to going back next year and learning more!

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Kevin and Ruth said...

Glad you had such a good time in Chicago, the museum looks great. Hope all your reseach goes well. As for driving into downtown, it is probably like most things and people always let you know about the bad but what about everyone that drives there everyday without an issue, something like Mexico.

Kevin and Ruth

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