Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hangin with the Chickens at Whittington Campground, Ewing, Illinois

There is something sinister about these RV Park Savy Marauders

Have you any Chicken Feed?
We plopped down in Ewing, Illinois at one of our favorite migration RV Parks, Whittington Woods Campground and just decided to stay for a few days.

I was looking like rain for a couple days and we don't like to travel in wet weather so we settled in and enjoyed ourselves for a few days with the Good Folks at Whittington.

It's a policy of ours to not tear down the road in wet weather, not because our Fiver leaks, (but it is a consideration that at 60 MPH it just might), it has more to do with stopping distances on wet pavement and the silly compact cars that slam on the brakes in front of us on a regular basis.

We both drove Big Rigs at one time and know from experience that the basic rule that it takes three times the length of space to brake on wet pavement is an understatement. It's more like Five lengths in all reality. So we just stay off the roads during the wet weather if we can.

Besides, we were just having too much fun relaxing at one of our favorite rest stops. What can I say about a place that has "Wild Life"? Between the crazy black squirrels and the insidious sneaky chickens lurking outside the door, we just can't get enough of the place.

We also needed to pick up an new tire, when you travel on the Illinois Interstate, bring plenty of spare tires. The pavement on the solid white line side is riddles with potholes the side of basketballs that just appear out of now where, we are sure this contributed to the short life of this brand new tire, as the shoulders are littered with shreds of tires in profusion, along with lots of black braking stripes from Big Rigs hauling over to the side in a hurry.

Yes, it the tire well molding got trashed too, but at least this trailer is designed to protect the underbelly, so little damage was done and we'll just order up a new molding when we get to Florida.

We don't get too upset about flat tires, our old trailer went through them like they were donuts at Dunkin's, (we were a bit overweight in the old rig), so Doyle had changing a flat down to a fifteen minute job, we don't even bother with the full road side assistance we have, would take longer to make the call than getting it changed and on the way again. We always make sure we pull off in a safe area and such, but it's part and parcel of living on the road and you just have to expect to go through the rubber if you tear around the country on bad interstates like we do.

Every get the feeling you are being watched, well, you are!
We don't have to set up for an Event until the 30th, so we have a little time to slow down and enjoy the scenery on our trip, this RV Park is very quiet and there are lots of other Full Timers here to visit with as we lay about.

The picture on the right was taken at one of the excellent rest stops in Illinois, we were just about to get back in the truck when we got the feeling we were being observed, and sure enough, we were being sized up by a resident attack cat in the motor coach next to us!

Glad to know we are not the only ones being owned and manipulated by a feline nomad, we like to think it's our idea to travel the country, but I think the real situation is we are under the mind control of our two cats who want to see the world.

Sleeping or cleverly invoking mind control techniques?

Seemingly innocent sleep, yet subliminally plotting our next move...
Evidence? Why is it we will munch crackers and live on chips if we are low on food but if the litter or the cat food is getting low, we will make a special trip to the store at all ungodly hours. Proof positive of being possessed by Felines.


Gsharper13 said...

Miss you guys already. Hope you winter well. Need an address for ya'll so I can send stuff.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a relaxing day. I think its really important to take the time to sit back and drink in the moment. Sometimes I really envy your lifestyle, its gotten me thinking about taking my family on a RV trip next summer. Where do you guys get everything you use for the RV? I've been browsing The Sportsman's Guide's Truck, ATV, and RV page to try and try to gauge what I'll end up spending. Do you have any suggestions as to what to buy and where I could get it at the best price?

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