New Camper of the Future!

Since I don't have time to write, I figure I should just pass along some great and amusing sites I have stumbled upon, here is what we will all be living in in the near future, the site I borrowed it from is listed at the end of the article.
Modular Motorhome, portable trailer, Christian Susana
Campervans are great for the wide-open road, but what happens when you reach your destination and want to travel in something a bit less clunky? This variant concept RV comes with a detachable car to let you cruise city streets once you exit the high-speed freeway.

Modular Motorhome, Hybrid Camper Car, futuristic car
This design challenge was tackled by Christian Susana with great attention to detail, from how each portable portion (car and camper form) looks separately to how they appear as whole when plugged back together.
Motorhome car, Christian Susana, future vehicle
The tiny two-seat car part is definitely built for short trips, looking like a cross between a golf cart and a Mini Cooper.
Motorhome, Hybrid Camper Car, Caravan Combo
The larger back-end trailer takes its cues from classic VW-type campers, maximizing space with a lofted sleeping area, flip-down table-and-chairs set as well as compact storage solutions set into any remaining available areas. Curved lines also recall traditional Airstream trailers, which make maximum use of sleek streamlined exterior forms and more spacious-seeming inside spaces.
Modular Motorhome, innovation vehicle
Expansive side windows depart from the classic privacy-oriented caravan style, abstractly referencing tourers in their openness to the outside world. Likewise, a front window long the top lets daring passengers get a sneak peak of what lies ahead … or an unfortunate up-close pavement view if you slide open the back door while someone is driving (safety second!).
Designer: Christian Susana


Ash said...

That is too cool

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

I like it!

trailercamper said...

My kind of motorhome

RV Camper said...

Lovely... When we expect this in market?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. How much will they go for?!

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