Back Injury Forces Rest and Food Musings....

OK, I hurt myself driving 2 foot tent stakes at the last Event. I have driven stakes many times, and it used to be my Husbands job, but since his surgery last Fall I have taken over this duty to prevent him hurting himself.

Hearts of Romaine Salad with Blueberries and Raspberry Dressing!
Normally we have been corralling the closest strong back we could find to do this nasty but necessary job, but this time we were on our own and I was feeling frisky so I drove them all myself and ended up pulling some muscles I wasn't aware I had until this moment.

On a scale of one to ten, this was an eleven, and forced me not only to bed, but prevented me from running the kitchen all weekend.

Our Holland Convection Gas Grill
So I sat in bed for a few days and caught up reading everyone's blogs and in general resting up, I couldn't even hold out my arms to type, so if you are one of my fellow bloggers, I have been reading with enthusiasm, but I could not post comments! You were a constant comfort for me and it helped me pass the time and forget my pain.

Sooo...with nothing better to do, now that I can sit up and type, I thought I would show off the flowers Doyle bought me...(he's been a doll through all of this and pampered me like a Queen).

Gluten Free One Dish Chicken Dinner
I also wanted to get some one dish Gluten Free Dinners out there for those of you who are watching their diet, I do most of my cooking in my Holland Grill, it's actually a convection oven and doesn't smoke the food unless you want it too, so I can even bake cakes in it!

This is a favorite recipe of mine Risotto Creamy Parmesan dinner with Boneless Chicken Breasts.

I love being able to bread meat with confidence, I can't trust the other brands of breading because of wheat and MSG.

I also used Classico Four Cheese Alfredo Sauce, all of Classico's Sauces are Gluten and MSG Free, including their Tomato Pasta Sauces. Being Gluten Free doesn't mean you have to suffer, if you didn't show people the labels, this dish would be Tops with any crowd!

To start, I mixed up the Risotto using the Alfredo sauce for most of the liquid called for, adding maybe an extra half cup of water to fill it out.

Ready to go in
I then threw on top a bit more minced garlic, some black olives, fresh broccoli and shredded Cheddar Cheese. I did not mix it up, just left it layered to hold up the chicken

I breaded the chicken and placed on top of the mixture, (make sure you add butter to the cornflake mix and some seasoning, otherwise it is a bit bland and will not brown up. It was the first time I tried the crumbs, so I forgot the butter and didn't season to taste, next time I will!

The results!
Then I popped it in the grill for one hour with no covering. I used a meat thermometer to judge doneness on the chicken, these days you can't be too careful!

The next night we had some hamburger patties left over from an Event where they wanted hamburgers, normally I make our hamburger patties from scratch, but when we have leftovers from an Event, I have to work them in somehow!

Frozen Patties dressed up!
This was a way to use them up that is pretty clever, I stacked two patties, put a slice of raw onion, barbeque sauce and some sliced pepperoni in between and wrapped the outside with foil to keep the good stuff from running out while baking.

Again, I threw it in the grill for one hour, flipping them at about 45 minutes to brown the other side and checking for doneness with the trusty meat thermometer again.

So, this is how we have been eating for the week, sure is nice to find recipes that are Gluten Free and just as tasty as as any dish you could find!

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Ash said...

That looks wonderful!! If there is one thing I miss out on with my living situation, it's being able to cook. I'll live vicariously through you:)

The Tuckerbag

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