RV Slide Rebuild The Big Reveal! Then to Now!

Original Interior Delivery Day September 2010

Chairs added and table turned November 2010

Corner Desks added table turned, Ottomans added April 2011

Doyle was cramped in the corner, no workspace, I had only enough room to open up my laptop and work, had to pack it all up to serve dinner.

All my external drives were in a shelf unit under the dining room table.
Drives under desk
Now I have my own dedicated area for web page work, Blog writing and goofing off on the net. Note the Kitten has installed herself on the back of my desk, she misses the back of her couch that was her former perch.

My drives are safely tucked under the desk, still leaving me plenty of storage in the cupboard to the right, (where all the cords and such are now organized, with a wire wrack above them for adding other items).

Doyle's work area getting ready to put keyboard drawer in
Doyle has his own dedicated workspace for business planning, no longer stuck in the corner and plenty of room for organization, a new concept for him, but he's catching on!
Doyle put his Keyboard drawer on, I left mine off for now

Is That my Singer Featherweight out of Storage? IT IS! BC Kitty still looking for couch....


karylsquilts said...

love the nest ! When I get on a roll here, I have puter on one side and Sew machine on the other next to me too. Have fun !

Gypsy Boho said...

I absolutely love what you have done with the space.

Jack B. Nimble said...

Wow, very creative!

Donna K said...

I like it! How great to have dedicated work areas.

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