Adding a Link to your Blog in Anyone's Blog Comment Box

This for when you are commenting on other blogs and need a clickable link signature line. Here is how to do it. This is if you don't want people to have to click on your name, go to your profile and select your blog. To make a direct link copy this code and place it at the end of your comment, replacing my blog (fulltimeroadwarriors),with your own.

Below are three ways to configure what you want your signature line what to say as well as an actual example of a blog I used it on.

Try it out by commenting on your own blog first, to make sure you have it right, then you can delete it if it doesn't work the first time.

Keep a copy of the final code on a "sticky" or notepad on your computer and copy paste the code when you need it.


Pat said...

Thanks, I think I'll use that.

A Arizona Holiday

Mike Watson said...

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