RV Slide Rebuild, Let's build the Desks Part 2!

Doyle gets to work

Building the second desk
All done except the wiring
The desks arrived un-assembled but were very sturdy and of quality laminate. The instructions were clear and easy to understand, the units are lock pinned together for a good tight fit.

We were very pleased with the construction and finish

 These desks were purchased from Home Decorators and at a very reasonable price, the construction includes finished sides and back, so you could face these out and still have a good looking unit from all sides except the far back corner on one side has a fiber board panel about ten inches wide to allow you to cut it out for cords.

This was my first order from Home Decorators and I have to say,  I was worried. I need not to have been, this is the best quality in a mail order desk I have seen in a long time!

The storage inside the paneled cupboard in the desk is roomy, you almost have to crawl to the back. Plenty of storage there! You could easily get a full sized ATX case in the cupboard and have plenty of room for drives and the usual tangle of cords and multiple surge protectors.

We chose to not install the keyboard drawers for now, as we are a bit tight on spinning room with our HUGE Executive Leather and Teak office chairs we bought on close out from Staples.

They still cost us a pretty penny and are a bit BIG, but they are the most comfortable I have ever found. They make a Euro Chair seem like a wood park bench. I wouldn't trade them for any chair in the world.

Well, this is as far as we got today, we are tired and it's past midnight! First late night we've seen in years!  Stay tuned for part 3...the ottoman's are coming and the desks will be set up and running!

Click here for Slide mod Part 3


Michael Ultra said...

Good job. I like the desks and chairs.

Gypsy Boho said...

WOW! The desks look great.

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