TripWOW Slideshow Builder Review

Today I was looking around on other Blogs and saw a pretty good free internet slide show builder. I have imovie 11 and Screenflow  2.0 on my MacBook Pro, so I don't really need something like this, but the site hooked me and I gave it a whirl.

It was very easy to use but it required access to my photo site (Picassa) and It demanded I post to my facebook. It at first wanted me to send to every friend I had, but I skipped that process and just let it make a post to my page.

This seems to be the price you pay for getting this service for free, also a banner runs across the bottom, partially covering your pics while it plays (On Facebook).

Easy to use interface nice presentation intro's

It does host the movie so you don't have to upload to YouTube or Vimeo and it allows you to link/embed to any popular site.

It has a static badge maker too so you can place it in your sidebar.

It also seems to play very well, even over a slow connection, which is a plus for viewers.

you have no real control over size of video when posted, (three static sizes), unless you know HTML. 

Music choices are pretty lame, don't let it pick your music, name your cities then change the music to what you like. You can upload non copy write music off your computer.

Accesses your public album(s) and accesses your Facebook, could potentially be a problem, but they seem like a site you can trust, (we'll see!)

All in all, I found the program fun and easy to use, but if you have a slideshow program on your machine you are better off using it than this internet freeware. If you don't have slide show software or a hosting site, this will make a nice presentation of your photos.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I should try to share this info with one of my favorite RV blogs at . They have a great fun blog going but I wished they would put video. Thanks again.

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