Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rescue Baby Cat Starts to Strut Her Stuff and Be A Loveable Pest

Have you any canned cat food?
There is no longer any doubt about who is in charge in this home of ours.

BC, or "Beautiful Cat", the latest version of her name submitted by "Cat Lady".

As some already know, we have a name contest going for BC, (originally named for "Basket Case" since we found her in a laundry basket), and we've gotten many suggestions to this date, some starting with BC, some original.

We try them all on BC and see if she responds but so far the only thing she perks up for is the sound of a cat food can opening, then WATCH OUT!

She dances, she prances, she whirls about and tries to meow, (we dont know if her meow is broken or she just doesn't have's real quiet, short and whispery).

One thing that that isn't broken on this cat is her purr, you can hear it in the next room!

Here she is sleeping on my kitchen table. I have never let a cat lay on my table or counter but, oh! isn't she cute! And we don't eat on our table any way, it's more of a glorified desk.

BC's "territory" is the couch, table and desk chairs. The dog "Katie Rose" gets the floor, the other cat "Slippers the Sneaky Cat" gets the bedroom, the hall stool and the bedroom loft for her domain.

I imagine this will be re adjusted once BC gets her strength up and asserts herself more. She has no problem using the litter box in the bathroom, (no accidents yet)!

Enough with the pictures already!
Everyone gets along as well as can be expected at this time, Katie wants to be friends, and Slippers just ignores her for the most part.

She is gaining weight everyday and her coat is starting to grow back in places.
Her favorite thing to do to us in the morning is give us a "Head Butt" for attention. It's like being hit by a baby rhino!


PookaAngharad said...

You know, going on her personality, the fact that she meows almost silently, her face and eye shape, and the guess of many that she might be a Maine Coon, you might also consider that she's a Norwegian Forest Cat...

My little sister has one and she looks just like your new puff ball. Just a thought.


Joseph said...

Thanks for sharing. Your cat looks really cute. I would definitely love to have one.

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