Mac & Cheese Gluten Free!

I'm not going to insult the intelligence of most of you On The Road Gals, most of you are great cooks who would never stoop to a boxed dinner. I, on the other hand, would. My husband adores them and I consider it high sin food myself. 

I think if you are being totally honest with yourself, you probably can get out your step stool, crawl to the back of your cupboard and pull one out, now can't you my Dear?...

Today's Dinner is Cheeseburger Mac
straight from the box, with a twist.

Gluten Free!
First of all, I have to admit it's a Gluten Free Pasta Dinner from Mrs Leeper's Cheeseburger Mac, but this little fix-up will work with any boxed dinner.

I am now officially Gluten Free, but can't give up my occasional deadly craving for pasta. This product you can't tell from wheat based pasta! It's like having junk food that's good for you!

Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Valveeta
My husband loves these pasta dinners, he can't tell the difference from regular! (He is not gluten intolerant). This is a way to give him the pasta he loves and I can share it with him.

Second, why on earth would I need to give instructions on making a boxed dinner, aren't the instructions on the box? Well, they are, and they aren't. If you've been too busy nibbling on finger sandwiches with the crusts cut off and tofu by the handful, you've probably forgotten about how this stuff can burn, and I do mean burn, to the point of being inedible.

There is a science to cooking boxed dinners and it's not written on the box. Really.

I never cook a boxed dinner without Doctoring it up a bit, so today I grabbed a sunny Florida red bell pepper and a small bunch of left over fresh broccoli from our dinner the other night. I generally just add whatever I have on hand, onion, cauliflower, black olives or any other ingredient that you might like the combined taste of will do. I chopped it all up while browning the burger.

Now that's GOOD comfort food!
I then added the milk and water, turning down the heat to low, not boil, as the directions state. As soon as the fluids become the least bit bubbly I dump in the noodles and place on the lowest heat possible, stirring every two minutes for 7 minutes. Then stir in chopped vegies, throw extra cheese on top if you have it, slam on the cover, shut off the heat and walk away for another 7 minutes.

Open cover, stir in the extra cheese, (that has melted by now), and serve. the vegies will be cooked crisp tender and retain their flavor, the extra cheese gives it the proper amount of gooeyness required in a true comfort food.

Below are Mrs Leeper's Dinner products, offered by the case for better value, and gluten free products are hard to find on store shelves. I buy a case and share with other Gluten Free Friends!

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