Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kitchen redo "Exposure is The Best Motivator"

The Old Mess
Nothing motivates me more than being caught with my cupboards open. The other day I just went nuts and took pictures before I had had enough coffee to know better. Being in that idiot mode I wrote a blog about it and posted them.

Seeing the mess got me to take a good look at how my kitchen was working, (or not). So today I took everything out the the cupboards, cleaned them out and set about reorganizing things to be more useful for me.

New World Order
A work in progress...
It was also time to deal with all the "wheat products" foods that I am no longer allowed. I sorted out all the food I'm not allowed to have and put them in a box for distribution to fellow RV Park Campers.

I then organized things in a way that actually makes it easier to get the job done, one of my great discoveries was to put "replacement" items up on the top shelf and organizing it so when I ran out of something, all I have to do is check the top shelf to see if I have a replacement. I finally put the different coffee's we have in one area of the cupboard, we have several pounds of beans, people gift them to us knowing what java fiends we are! I know it seems obvious to put "Like with Like" but after six months everything starts roaming around in the cupboards as we sleep.

I sorted all my spices in "valveeta" empty box bottoms so when I need my spaghetti spices, I just reach up and grab the "valveeta" box I put them in. Valveeta box bottoms are a woman's best organizational tool. I use them in drawers, cupboards and just about anywhere small items try to lurk behind something else.

Ever notice how one job leads to three others? I ended up vacuuming out my cupboards, so the hand vacuum had to crap out on me, requiring a quick rebuild. When I took the vacuum out of it's cubby, I spilled cat box deodorant on the floor, so I had to fix the vacuum in order to clean up that mess too. It never ends....

My photo from the Other Day...a Mess!
My Newly Redone Counter Space, Clutter Be Gone!
On that thread, I then decided my counter was a bit too cluttered with canisters, pine cones, half dead plants and such, so I brutally eliminated most of it, revealing more of my beautiful black composite granite counter top, giving me also a little more room to get something done when I actually get to cooking.

I also took down the valance over the window, I found it too cumbersome for the size of the window, it really lightened my work area up to eliminate it. next to go was the stove top cover, it was completely useless for someone who is always ten minutes away from throwing something on a burner and was in the way of getting at my knife block. All it ever did was flop around and make my life miserable, so Off it Goes!

I hope this brings a little inspiration to those who are spending all their time outside or visiting because it has just become to much to face, yes, it took and entire day and I kept getting sidetracked by complications of such a move, but the results are a more efficient and better workspace, (at least until I decide to cook something up!).

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Gypsy Jane said...

O how I want to do that. Time, weather, and not knowing if/when I will move into the other rig... but some day I'll get to declutter.

Doyle and Terri Johnson said...

It sure feels good having got this project done, if only I could work myself up to the "Big" project of rotating things form a huge cabinet to under the bed and clearing out my loft/craft area. Have to do it when Doyle is here to assist, I hate crawling under the bed so will have to have him bringing me stuff to stow while I'm cramped up in there...

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