BC Needs Another Bath and Medication for Fleas, My Fault Entirely...

If looks could kill....
Today is just one of those days I would rather not have, frustration seems to be around every corner.

BC has had three kinds of flea medications in the last two weeks and this morning when I brushed her she had new scabs. I investigated and found fleas again.

From what I have researched this is not unusual in a rescue cat situation, but I had an extreme case of the guilts because I had thought I had it under control and obviously it had gotten out of hand once again.

I brush her every day and watch for scratching behavior, but I missed the clues and she showed signs of having been infested for a few days.

I could just kick myself for not seeing this quicker.

Three days over the two week limit and she's chewed up!
I had given her a good bath on February 19 and given her the Flea regiment then, as well as on March 14, (this post lists medications used and recommended by her Vet).  

I had been warned by the vet and others that even with all these precautions I would have a few outbreaks at the two week mark, which is today. I treated her, the other pets and our environment with all the vet recommended intervals.

It was just hard to see it flair back up again, even though I had been warned to be ready for it.

I had read many posts on the net about pesticide resistant fleas and complaints that certain products don't work, but in my experience, every time I treat the animals, the fleas die, they just keep coming back if you don't thoroughly treat their environment and the pets at two week intervals until the problem is gone with a Vet recommended combination of products.

Wet, angry and flea free!
This link takes you to the products that work on my blog of March 14, I had just missed the date for reapplying by a few days. This will not happen again.

I was not going to admit defeat and post my miserable failure, it is, after all, very embarrassing to admit you have a problem to the world. but I know there are many people out there trying to do the right thing for their pet, and I'm commiserating that even if you do everything right, you can still fail.

I have rededicated myself to being more vigilant, and placing the blame squarely on my own shoulders instead of blaming the products for failure. Flea medication doesn't work if it isn't used, and if you have a serious infestation, it has to be ruthlessly pursued.

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