Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Angels in The Sun

Stunningly Cool!
My Husband is just getting familiar with the Internet, his interests are more for the organic and scientific than mine, he follows the weather sites so much so that his friends call or come by to ask him what the "real" weather will be when we are set up at an Event. 

Do you see a face in profile here?
For those who don't know it, Historic Events do not allow any modern devices, with the exception of people like Doyle, who run a business that everyone frequents and therefore are considered a hub of information, albeit we have to keep it on the "down low", Doyle will use his phone in the back room or under the table.

The reason we are given a little leeway is that if a storm is coming and there are a hundred or so canvas tents set up in a field, a little accurate weather warning is so very helpful!

Any who, he found this wonderful site run by NASA about observing the sun, at any time you can go there and see amazing real time video of what the sun is up to. (I must point out that this site can be addicting in a big way, therefore, you have been warned).

It does look like an angel...
You can fiddle with this site all day, adding various filters and zooming in to get a close up look at some of the activities happening on the surface.

Lately, the sun has been going through some tremendous activity. Doyle has been pretty much caught up in it all. It has given me a chance to teach him how to take screen shots of his favorite images, (on a Mac Com>Shift>4), and save them for his later enjoyment.
Sun Phoenix

 He has found some really unusual images in the sun, faces, angels and other odd analomies that are worth taking a look at, so I had him ship them over to me on my laptop using Drop Box and I am posting the best of his saved images.

It's eerie how spirit-like this images appear, and maybe it's just our imagination working overtime, but it takes ones breath away for how beautiful this images are, whether you think it's real or not.

The varying colors shown here are obtained by applying filters to see different spectrum's of light. This is why the sun appears green or blue, instead of the traditional red and yellow we are normally used to seeing.

I recommend this site for anyone who really wants to see something that will awe and inspire you about that strange yellow orb that rules our life.

Hint: look for the big nose in the center
Powerful Eruption
When I met Doyle, he was pretty much "No Tech" and now he can pretty much run his own laptop and get where he needs to be on the net.

I, on the other hand, am "All Tech", so we balance each other out nicely, he teaches me to take walks in the woods, (and how to shut off my laptop), I teach him how to access the Internet and get what he needs to out of it. With great results.

Now he's showing me new sites and I've never thought of looking at. My idea of a good site is a forum, or blog with information I can learn from,
(Yes, I am a technical manual reader, for fun).

Doyle finds nature, even if he is on something as artificial and contrived as the internet.

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Donna K said...

Those images are simply amazing! Thank you for sharing. Gonna have to check out the site.

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