1988 Volvo Tractor we looked at today.

We have been toying with the idea of getting an HDT to tow our Road Warrior with, we are willing and have the time to do the build ourselves over time, and have a good friend with a shop who can help us out with things we can't do.

We found this truck on Craig's list and we happened to be going through the area, so we stopped by and checked it out.

The owner has taken very good care of his rig, he has repainted it and maintained it well. It has good rubber on it too. He started it up and it sounded good, according to my husband.

The interior is not that bad considering it's age, I wouldn't shrink from riding in it until we got it fixed up...

Of Course it is a 1988, so it doesn't have automatic or a computer.
Here's the ad:

Good running truck,new clutch,low miles,250,000 just painted candy red.....


We would like to pick up this rig but we are too close to leaving the area and heading North for the Season, so if it interests you, you are more than welcome to call him up and get yourself a nice truck.

Sorry, I can't answer questions about this rig, it would be better if you talked to the owner yourself, if interested.

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