Saturday, February 26, 2011

You Can't Feel More Welcome Than This....

"Hey! Y'all want a Ride?
We pulled in at dusk yesterday, and got set up, didn't really have a chance to meet anyone, although those we did seemed real warm and friendly-like.

Well, the next day we got the total welcome wagon right at our front door, calling us out and loading us up for an informal test ride on the new hay wagon they use for parades and such.

Can't stop grinnin'
As you can see, it's set up for comfort and convenience, complete with fold down seats and plenty of cold storage for your beverages.

Havin' way too much fun!
We got to met most, if not all, the local colorful characters all at one time, and got more socializin' done than we would've otherwise in a month of Sundays.

We even had the obligatory break down on a back trail, so we had to survive on a half bag of peanuts and Gummy Bears until a truck came along and pull started us.

We feel much at home here, these Folks are just like us, livin' on the road and enjoying a back woods lifestyle on their time off.

It's the first place we have ever stayed where we just got absorbed into the gang, like we always belonged, and Doyle is just another back country fishin' fool.

Taking the bumps in stride
The man next to Doyle is a retired professional Jockey, you would probably recognize his name if we gave it, but he likes the quiet life now, living in the back woods. Doyle and he have tons in common, as Doyle grew up training and racing horses on his Dad's farm in Iowa. They became friends instantly and look to become good buddies as time rolls on here in the Hinterland.

It doesn't get much better than this!

(Well actually, it does, we are going fishing on the air jet boat in a day or so and we have been invited to the local karaoke contest at a way back, just for locals, bar you have to four wheel into....sigh....We have found Heaven on Earth!)


ladonna said...

So glad you are feeling better!

Chuck Hamsa said...

wonderful news that you are feeling better!
Keep up the health and the thread!
Gujmbo cookoff this weekend for us. Please see!/nolakitchen

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