Friday, October 8, 2010

Many Blessings, Few Words....

Sunrise Alafia Rendezvous
It has occurred to me as I stare at this blank page before me that there are many words that stream from my mind when I have been offended, but when I want to express gratitude and my feelings of being extraordinarily blessed, words fail me. I imagine, perhaps, I have just had more memorable experience with the former than the latter.

But now I know what true love and faith is, Doyle and I are overwhelmed by the response we have received from the community, friends and family. We could actually feel the power of your prayers and good wishes washing over us in our dark hour. We feel your prayers have kept Doyle from getting worse, and may even have saved his life. 

Strange thing, this power of prayer, we have friends and family that are every denomination and faith, and yet all good wishes and prayer have a combined spiritual effect. Whether Buddist, Jewish, Native American, Christian and yes, even pagan, we feel no difference in their influence on us.

The important thing is that every one of these diverse peoples took a moment to think on us and send us their good wishes in a selfless, loving form. We are so blessed by all we know, to have them care for us at all is a miracle in itself. Then to have them turn and send us whatever it is they have within them to us is incredibly awe inspiring, we can actually feel the healing and restorative effect.

Even with the many challenges ahead of us, we have had a shining moment of discovery that will linger with us for the rest of our days. People care about us. And people have the ability to translate those feelings into a palpable action and send them our way, regardless of their religion or belief. Heady stuff.

If we could ask one more thing from everyone, as long as we have your attention, there are many people suffering out there, I would ask that everyone say a prayer or send good wishes for all of mankind, our planet and for ourselves to gain the wisdom it takes to heal a challenged world.

Thank you again for building our Faith to new heights and giving us the strength to go boldly forward, whoever you are, wherever you are, and we pray your good feelings returned to you ten-fold.

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